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Portraits of London Gardens, a Love Letter

I met the Chicago-born, Tuscaloosa-based photographer David Meehan while we were both studying in London. This photobook, and the accompanying essay, was a reaction to feelings of longing caused by being away from our friends and significant others in the United States. It was also my first go at writing about romantic love. Please click the button below to view. 

All photos by David Meehan. Text by Ethan Beberness. 

The Owl

I edited the 2018 - 2019 edition of The Owl, a magazine focused on promoting the creative work of Santa Clara University undergraduates. My role involved soliciting work from writers and artists in the undergraduate community, editing drafts, and collaborating with our production editor to design the annual print edition of the magazine.

Click the buttons below to see a PDF of the Spring 2019 print edition or to check out The Owl's website.

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